Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sneak Peek Excerpt: Why the Jews Killed My Crush

Here is the promised sneak peek. Hope you enjoy!

Why The Jews Killed My Crush
By Cindy Abdelaziz

It wasn’t one of those typical meeting places. My job had sent me to a conference to enhance my skills and to add to my resume. To my mother’s delight, there were a few eligible Muslim bachelors at the conference, or so I was told by my nosy friends.

One of these eligible Muslim men happened to leaving for lunch at the time my friends and I were heading out. So we did what all good Arabs would do: we invited him to join us for lunch. It was an act of politeness with no ulterior intentions, I assure you.

On our way to the restaurant we started talking about random things you share with strangers that you meet for
the very first time. He was sounding better as we got closer to our destination: he was Egyptian (how I would make my mother so proud); he wasn’t illegal; he spoke fluent English; and—wait for this--he had a real job! My only issue with him thus far in our 5-minute talk was his height. But I was sure I would get over it eventually. This man was a keeper, or so I thought.

To read the rest stay tuned for the release! :-D

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